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Charging & Gauging Units

To maintain system performance HYDAC recommends a regular check of the gas precharge pressure. A loss in the gas precharge pressure will cause a drop in the system efficiency and could cause damage to the bladder, diaphragm, or piston accumulator.

By means of a charging and gauging unit, hydro-pneumatic accumulators are precharged with dry nitrogen or their existing gas precharge pressure is checked. For these purposes, a charging and gauging unit is connected to a commercially available nitrogen bottle via a flexible charging hose.

HYDAC offers two types of charging and gauging units, the FPS model, used with HYDAC gas valve version 4, except on top repairable bladder accumulators, and the FPK model used with HYDAC gas valve version 1. An adapter FPK/SB can be used with the FPK model in order to fit HYDAC gas valve version 4, including top repairable bladder accumulators.

The charging and gauging units incorporate a gauge, check valve in the charging connection, manual bleed valve, and T-handle.

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