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Pulsation Dampeners

The pressure fluctuations occurring in hydraulic systems can be periodic or single occurrence problems due to:
Flow rate fluctuations from displacement pumps
Actuation of shut-off and control valves with short opening and closing times
Switching pumps on and off
Sudden linking of hydraulic circuits with different pressure levels

Dampeners have two fluid connections for inline mounting. The volume of flow is directed straight at the bladder or diaphragm by diverting it in the fluid valve. This causes direct contact of the fluid flow with the bladder or diaphragm which, in an almost inertialess operation, balances the flow rate fluctuations via the gas volume. It is particularly effective with higher fre-quency oscillations. The gas pre-charge pressure is adjusted for the specific systems operating conditions.

HYDAC pulsation dampeners consist of:
The welded or forged pressure vessel in carbon steel; for chemically aggressive fluids they are available in coated carbon steel or stainless steel
The special fluid valve with inline connection, which guides the flow into the vessels (threaded or flange connections available)
The bladder or diaphragm in various compounds as listed below

Compound Materials
Not all fluids are compatible with every elastomer at all tem-peratures. Therefore, HYDAC offers the following choice of elastomers:
NBR (Standard Nitrile)
LT-NBR (Low Temperature Nitrile)
ECO (Epichlorohydrin)
IIR (Butyl)
FPM (Fluorelastomer)
others (available upon request)
To determine which material is appropriate... ALWAYS REFER TO FLUID MANUFACTURER¹S RECOMMENDATION

Corrosion Protection
For use with certain aggressive or corrosive fluids, or in a corrosive environment, HYDAC offers protective coatings and corrosive resistant materials (i.e. stainless steel) for the accumulator parts that come in contact with the fluid, or are exposed to the hostile environment.

Mounting Position
The mounting position of hydraulic dampeners is dependent on the dampener chosen and the specific application. The preferred position is typically vertical.

System Mounting
Dampeners should be mounted as close as possible to the pulsation source.

Pulsation dampeners are used to:
Reduce vibrations caused by pipes, valves, couplings, etc. in order to prevent pipe and valve damage
Protect measurement instruments and eliminate the impaired performance caused by pulsations
Reduce system noise
Increase machine performance
Allow the connection of multiple pumps to one line
Increase the allowable rpm and feed pressure of pumps
Reduce system breakdowns and increase the service life of the system

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