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Reverse Flow Filter &
Bi-Directional Filter

Pressure to 6000 psi • Flows to 100 gpm

The DFFH and DFFHM are designed for applications in which the filter housing must provide two directions for fluid flow.


  • DFFH & DFFHM filters have a filter head of ductile iron and a screw-in bowl of cold formed steel.
  • DFFH Reverse Flow models filter fluid in the forward direction and bypass the filter element when the flow is reversed.
  • DFFHM Bi-directional models allow fluid in filtering in both directions. There is a filter element when the flow is reversed.
  • Inlet/outlet port options include SAE 4-bolt flange (code 62), or SAE ports (DFFHM flange only) to allow easy installations without costly adapters.
  • Choice of materials
  • Screw-in bowl mounted below the filter head requires minimal clearance to remove the element for replacement; contaminated fluid cannot be washed downstream when the element is serviced.
  • Optional bypass for forward flow

Download DFFH/DFFHM Brochure (243 K)


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