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Hose Break Valves/ Velocity Fuses

type RBE... Cartridge Valve

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  • Eliminates uncontrolled movements of the actuator in case of line rupture. They are commonly applied with dead weight cylinders.
  • Volume limiting flat seat valves.
  • At normal flow, the poppet is held open by a spring with enough force to counteract the force on the poppet created by the flow.
  • When the supply line is ruptured, the flow from 2 to 1 exceeds the specified flow rate, the P across the poppet creates a force greater than the spring force and closes the valve. This closing flow rate is adjustable. The valve opens automatically by pressurizing connection 1.
  • Depending on the pressure P, the leakage rate through the valve is approximately 0 to 6 in3 min. If this is excessive, the valve threads can be sealed and made leak-free.
  • Installed between actuators and possible line breakage points.
  • A cartridge-type valve can be installed into an actuator port.
  • A housing-type valve can be installed close to the actuator or even directly into the actuator itself.

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