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Suction Strainers

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HYDAC Suction Strainer Elements are designed for installation into suction lines of pumps. Extra caution should be taken to ensure that the suction elements are always mounted below the minimum oil level of the reservoir.
The suction strainer elements can be supplied with a bypass valve to reduce high pressure drops caused by contaminated elements or high viscosity fluids during cold starting. The bypass valve opens at 3 psi. for best results, suction strainer elements should be sized for clean element pressure drops of no higher than 0.5 to 0.7 psi.
HYDAC suction Strainer Elements are manufactured using stainless steel wire screen media, plastic nut cap, and steel end cap.
Suction strainer elements are only intended to protect hydraulic pumps against catastrophic failure caused by coarse contaminant.
Suction strainer elements should be inspected and cleaned regularly.
Suction strainer elements should not be used as the only filtration elements in a hydraulic system. Pressure filters and return line filters, with reasonable dirt holding capacity, must be installed to provide protection against component damage caused by fine contaminants.

Cleaning Procedure
Remove external build-up of contaminant with cleaning fluid in
separate tank.
Flush element with clean solvent and blow through wire screen media with air.